UX Crash Course: Translations

I posted three months of daily UX lessons with the goal of getting more people started in UX design. Those lessons have been read over a million times. Since then, several volunteers have translated the original text into other languages, spreading UX to the world.


Each of the links below leads to a complete translation of the original UX Crash Course. The translations have been done by inspired volunteers, in the spirit of sharing UX with more people. If you speak these languages, SHARE THIS POST to support the work of these amazing volunteers and UX in general.

Needless to say, these people deserve a huge thank you.

These lessons, plus many more, are also available as a fully-illustrated book from O’Reilly, which will also be translated professionally. The book is called “UX For Beginners”.

Buy “UX For Beginners” in English here. 

Buy “UX For Beginners” in Chinese (traditional) here.

The original blog posts, which inspired the book, are available in these languages (I will add more if I find them):

UX Crash Course in Chinese
Translated by Minting Xu.

UX Crash Course in Russian
Translated by Nancy Pong.

UX Crash Course in Farsi
Translated by Elnaz Alimardani.

UX Crash Course in Korean
Translated by Imseongkang.

UX Crash Course in Spanish
Translated by Adrian Solca.

UX Crash Course in Arabic
Translated by Muhammad Fawwaz Orabi.


More translations wanted!

Have you translated the lessons? Have you found a translation that isn’t in my list? Let me know on Twitter: @JoelMarsh