Top 10 UX Tips for Managers

A while ago on LinkedIn someone asked what we would include in a 10-minute video about UX for managers. My answer was one of the most-liked comments I have seen in the Interaction Design Association group. The link is no longer available, so for posterity, here are my Top 10.


1. UX = money. Better UX = better revenue.

2. A/B testing is not dangerous. Many clients think that testing alternatives will expose users to negative designs, but that is a myth. It’s cheap, low-effort, and high-gain. A/B testing should be part of digital life.

3. Launching is an experiment, not the goal. When you launch, you will start getting objective data about whether it works or not. So launch and adapt, don’t launch and ignore!

4. Test big things first. Then details. Testing different headlines or different link colors is what you do when you have already tested every stage of the funnel, the audience, and flow, etc.

5. UX is counterintuitive. That thing you love might be the worst imaginable thing for the customer. Fortunately good testing can also prove or disprove this.

6. UX is not how you justify what you want. It’s how you discover what your customers want.

7. Everything has a user experience. A UX designer doesn’t create a user experience. They design a good one.

8. UX includes business goals, not just customer feedback.

9. Big changes often get negative feedback because they are big changes. Metrics tell the real story.

10. If you want objective information use analytics and data and tests. If you want subjective information, ask people!