ProTip Round-Up: 17 UX Ideas for Non-UXers

ProTip Tuesdays were originally something I did for my own colleagues, to answer common questions from clients and project managers and other oblivious professionals (just kidding… ish).

Below you will find all 17 ProTips, in the order they came up in real meetings, with real people, in my life.

Each ProTip is written with minimal jargon and I kept them as short as possible because, let’s be honest here, non-UXers don’t care about UX.

That’s the reason they need these tips.



#01 — Call-to-Action Copy

#02 — Design Two Buttons, Then Stop

#03 — What is a Landing Page?

#04 — Fingers are not a Mouse

#05 — Launching is an Experiment

#06 — Never Trust Your Gut

#07 — The F-Pattern Rules

#08 — What Isn’t a Wireframe?

#09 — Create a No-Fail Environment

#10 — And or But?

#11 — Show Them What To Click

#12 — Menus Are For Users, Not You

#13 — Word-of-Mouth is Like Poison

#14 — Numbers are Not Goals

#15 — Be One With The Button

#16 — Shorter Is Not Always Simpler

#17 — Research is Questions, Not Confirmation


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